Not lose you in the past , do not dream of the future. You live now .
Not lose you in the past , do not dream of the future. You live now .

Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery Tempel

When Low Kim Pong was sixty, he had a dream where he saw a golden light rising from the west over the sea (the west being symbolic of Buddhism which originated in India, and is west of China).He took the dream to be an omen, and went to the coast the next day.

At dusk, he met an unusual Hokkien family by boat to arrive.

The whole family had taken Buddhist vows and were on our way home to Fujian after a pilgrimage to Sri Lanka. Low, moved by her devotion, trying to convince them to stay in Singapore and the propagation of the faith. He promised to build a temple for their use

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